Incredible Edible Todmorden



If you are hungry, then Todmorden is the place for you! It doesn't have a MacDonald's but it has some excellent hot food outlets such as the Vintners bistro and  the Hog Roast Company. If you like to cook your own food then Todmorden has fantastic market and great shops. If you like to source your food then farmers such as Staups Lea Farm surround Todmorden, just come off the main road and stock up with the odd turkey for Christmas, or half a lamb to fill your freezer. Todmorden even has its own cheesemaker.

If you are still wanting to fill your baskets then many Todmorden residents have chickens in the back garden, which occasionally lay; go beg for an egg (or a dozen). If you like to grow your own food then - provided you and your plants are unperturbed by the inclement weather - Todmorden is the place for you.  Everyone fills their gardens with the most productive plants; fruit and veg abound.

If you don't have a garden then that may not be a problem either. Incredible Edible Todmorden has a squad of "guerilla gardeners", who plant vegetable plots all around the town. Anyone is allowed to "pick their own". But mother nature also provides; just wander up the hills there are pickings for all who look; wild garlic, bilberries, brambles, raspberries, elderflowers....